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"Morning" Coffee


On April the 11th we are organizing another meeting in the “Morning” Coffee series. On this occasion, we would like to invite students from the Scientific Circles. Once a month, we meet students over coffee and discuss various important, current issues. This time we want to talk about what students circles. You wiil have a chance to meet other students of English Division, share your expirience and encourage others to join your circle

Scientific Circle of Neurosurgery

We focus solely on conducting and publishing studies in the field of neurosurgery. Currently, our circle has published 10 papers this year which makes it the leading circle in terms of research says Samuel Pettersson co-leader for the Scientific Circle of Neurosurgery SSC-Surgery

The Student Scientific Circle of Surgery (SSC-Surgery)

is a circle for any GUMed student interested in surgery and research, regardless of which division they belong to. The aim of the circle is to broaden the knowledge of and interest of its members in Research as well as in General Surgery through a combination of circle meetings and workshops. So far, this year 6 meetings have been held where members have been encouraged to participate in presenting the topics, ranging from specific surgical procedures to discussion of research models and scientific papers. Currently, several of our members are working on their own projects such as meta-analyses, systematic reviews and original studies underm guidance of our mentors, Piotr Spychalski, MD PhD and Agastya Patel, MD. Since surgery is a very practical field of medicine, we aim to give our members opportunities to broaden their practical skillsets. In March, we held a Surgical Intestinal Anastomosis (end-to-end, and end-to-side) workshop which was open to both English and Polish Division and was performed in two session, basic and advanced. The workshop is aimed to provide medical students an insight into advanced skills performed by a surgeon in general surgery as well as raise interest and passion in pursuing surgical careers among future doctors. Our circle plans to organise more workshops on the upcoming 2nd Surgical Student Conference of the GUMed Scientific Circles, so please stay tuned!

In addition to the workshops, you can also find series of instructional videos on basic surgical suturing posted on our university’s YouTube page, Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny (or just write ‘gumed suturing’ on YouTube and you are good to go) made in cooperation with GUMed Resource team.


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