"Morning" Coffee

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"Morning" Coffee


We would like to invite you to ‘SKN Fair: Talk science to me’ organized by STN in collaboration with the International Relations Office on 15.11.2022 at CBM from 13:00.

What can you do expect from this event?

➡️ Interactive Booths with various SKNs of MUG from all faculties

➡️ A campfire session with Dr. Magdalena Antoszewska (gf_medstudent) and Dr. Piotr Spychalski (house of EBM) on the topic: “Is it important to be scientifically active at an early age?”

➡️ Coffee and Snacks while you find your scientific passion🤩

The event is open to students of all faculties in MUG. Can’t wait to see you there!!

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Collegium Biomedicum Bldg., Dębinki str. 1, Gdańsk 80 -211 Main Hall