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Mardi Gras

Every February Poland goes nuts for doughnuts (pączki). Fat Thursday known locally as ‘Tłusty czwartek’ is celebrated once a year, on the last Thursday prior to Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. This year we combine it with French Mardi Gras and American Pancake Tuesday and invite you for delicious donuts on the last day of the carnival. The most traditional pączki are filled with rose flavoured jam, but many varieties exist. Doughnuts can be filled with chocolate, raspberry jam, or custard and can be topped with icing, sugar, or almonds. It is said that you will have bad luck for an entire year if you do not eat at least one pączek on this day! So COME TO WELCOME POINT ON TUESDAY 21.02 AND EAT DOUGHNUTS WITH US!!


Czas i miejsce:


09.00 -15.00

Welcome Point, building no. 13