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Despite the progress with regard to technology, ideology, and equality, in everyday life we still come across different stereotypes and prejudices. In every community, there are people who suffer the consequences of profiling and discrimination. The Living Library is an initiative aiming at going against the preconceptions. Event organized by the SSC Psychology in cooperation with MUG’s Main Library and Gazeta GUMed will be held on 11th of May 2023 from 14:00 to 18:30 (hours may change) at our University’s Library.

Meeting being part of the Diverse & Equal campaign will be a space for conversation, discussion, and the exchange of experiences and views, where everyone can challenge their way of thinking and change their worldview. People affected by broadly understood stereotyping and discrimination will be able to share their experiences by filling form, impersonating Living Books and talking about difficult situations.

Detailed information about the event is provided by Julia Terech, 4th year health psychology student of the MUG, e-mail More about the Living Library idea you can read online.

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