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Mardi Gras


On February 23rd, 2022, we celebrated Mardi Gras at the Foreign Language Center. We started the celebration with an interesting presentation of the 2nd year of the Faculty of Medicine student Przemysław Kocioruba on the Mardi Gras tradition and the carnival in France. Stud. 2nd year Department of Medicne Agata Olewińska introduced us to the recipe for pancakes and bravely fry the famous French crêpes throughout the event, offering them to all participants. C’était délicieux.

While tasting pancakes with nutella, jam or maple syrup (thank you Adryian for the syrup) and with delicious coffee, we discovered French songs, the more classic and the new ones.

I would like to thank the Department of Internationalization of the University for the purchase of food products and items to decorate the room and tables. It is a great help for us. Thank you, Dr Anna Kuciejczyk, Head of the Study, for adding splendor to the event with her presence, for your support and all help. I would like to thank Mrs. Magda Warzocha for her help, support and participation in the event. I would like to thank Ewa Danisz, MA, for participating and sharing the joy of Mardi Gras with us.

Many thanks also go to the students of the French language faculties, those present and those who have already graduated from the faculty, but came to celebrate together, to continue to discover the French language.

Merci beaucoup!